Having fun is often easier to remember than being responsible. Unfortunately, irresponsible gambling eventually leads to misery, so the two must always go hand in hand. FastBet are in the fight against tax evasion, match-fixing and gambling addiction. A wise man once told us, “be good to the game, and the game will be good to you”. Playing responsibly and honestly will eventually lead to better things than trying to cheat the system.
Are you playing too much?
There are already too many people struggling with gambling addictions, and the world doesn’t need any more of them. The number of people addicted to online casinos in particular has been on the rise in recent years. We are not even trying to say that you have a chance of beating us! The payout percentages of online casino games are between 95-98%, so we always have an edge of around 2-5%!
You can win a jackpot worth millions in a matter of seconds, which will undoubtedly change your life immediately. However, in the long run the house always wins. Observe your gambling patterns, and don’t go overboard at online casinos!
If you notice any of the issues that we have mentioned in yourself or someone close to you, we at FastBet want to help you. Our first option is to apply restrictions to how you play, which you yourself can decide. This offers you the chance to manage the amount of money you are allowed to lose in a day or a week. You also have the option to close your account permanently. FastBet’s customer service is here for you to answer all questions about your account or any gambling addictions you might be suffering from. There are also a lot of helpful websites for gambling addicts like and where you can start your recovery. Don’t be alone with your problem and accept help when offered.
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